Monday, March 30, 2020

One is the Loneliest Number

Introverts are not hermits.
 Now that I've cleared that up for some of you I must explain why I felt the need to inform the public. 

Just because I'm introverted doesn't mean I'm handling this quarantine situation like a boss. To be perfectly honest I'm not doing so well. I'm human and regardless of the stigma that introverts are cellar dwelling, cave occupying, shun the world and all its beings, troglodytes, I find myself feeling quite abandoned and lonely.  It's weird I know but contact is important that's why solitary confinement causes mental health issues in relatively mentally healthy people (yeah, I know I don't belong to that aforementioned group). Anyway, the thing I miss the most is Sunday hugs. Not going to my spiritual community on a regular weekly schedule has thrown a wrench in  my already delicate psyche. Even at work (I work at my church) it's hard not having that touch that is important to me. Otherwise I don't really get it. Regardless of your introverted range you still need human contact.

In social distancing one is still the loneliest number even with a Liam Hemsworth or Dwayne "the rock" Johnson distance between the group of ten you are allowed to have. (Wow! It's bad when I start using people, fine, long, tall, glasses of water people to measure distances). Thirsty?  Sorry, as I was saying before my ADHD and hormones kicked in, I'm floundering.

I've connected with people via text, Zoom, Messanger, etc. it helps but it's not the same. If anything this pandemic has reminded me how important my small but quality tribe is.
Take care of yourself and each other by checking in. It may be all some people have. I don't live alone so I'm lucky in that respects.
 Hang in there. We're all in this (isolated) together.