Thursday, April 30, 2015

I'm short. Pass me another soapbox.

A riot is the language of the unheard - Martin Luther King Jr.

Okay, here goes the media again detailing several unruly uprisings of riotous brown people. That's right!  I said it! No shame.  However, the media fails to mention the many peaceful displays of protest. Haven't heard of any of those? Me either. I had to research them. I guess peaceful doesn't get ratings.

Hmm... where to start on this juicy topic? Where not to start. Lets face it, the lean and hungry are scrounging for morsels but left with the proverbial rice cake. Meaning large in size however tasteless and full of unsatisfying air. That's the ballad of the oppressed. This abandonment of your own nation holding up a surplus of that American pie just out of reach and ever so often allowing a crumb to fall leaving them starving and still reaching. This my friends create an uprising. This inequality causes riots.  I do not condone violence. Brutality only adds more pain to this already bruised nation. But when are you going to start listening, America? Put down your tablets, smart phones, and programmed ideas of what you've been told to think. People are wounded, misunderstood, and aching to be heard.

Those flocking to social media spouting their outrage over the riotous "thugs" only serves to polish their privilege badge. It serves no purpose. If a hungry child comes to your door do you read them a cookbook and send them on their merry way only satisfying your conscience instead of their bellies?

Think all "riots" are the same?  Check this out via The Young Turks

The plight of a people, your people America has been shouted from the rooftops and mourned in the graveyards. Open your ears, hearts and minds!

It's still not easy being brown in America.